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iMessage for PC

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There have been many technology innovations within the past decade such as the Apple iPad and Apple iPhone, the core technology of these products have been responsible for the development and dominance of several niche markets. In addition, the core technology, which runs these products, has been the major force behind numerous technology features that support and enhance a variety of Apple products.

One particular feature that has garnered tremendous popularity concerning Apple products is a feature called imessage, which is used on Apple technology products running iOS or OS X. In general, imessage is an instant messaging service that allows users to send texts, documents, videos, photos, and group messages for all Apple product users with an iPhone, iPad or iPod at least running version iOS 5. In addition, the imessage feature is available for Apple Macintosh computer users running OS X Mountain Lion or later.

The popularity of imessage has caused many people to inquire about the use of imessage on non- Apple products such as PC systems. However, since imessage’s inception, the feature has only been available in its entirety on Apple systems running iOS 5 or OS X Mountain Lion versions or later.

The reason why imessage is not found on PC systems is because Apple Corporation is the developer of imessage, and Apple developed the technology feature for its Apple hardware products. Therefore, the imessage feature was developed to run on specific Apple products that run certain versions of the Apple operating systems. Since Apple does not develop operating systems for PCs, the imessage feature is not available on non- Apple products.

With so many people looking for iMessage for PC systems, the popularity of the feature has pushed the development of several products that are similar to Apple’s imessage feature. On the PC, products such as AIM for PC and Trillian provide various functions contained in the imessage feature on Apple systems. However, the imessage for PC products do not provide what Apple’s imessage feature provides in its entirety.

imessage logo 300x300 iMessage for PCAs the market continues to look for systems that support and run imessage, some people feel that Apple Corporation will eventually find a way to provide imessage for non-Apple users. The sheer number of people who use imessage on Apple’s operating systems is huge. Therefore, many other companies will introduce products that provide the imessage feature, and eventually a product will be introduced on the PC side that caters to the needs of PC users.

As an alternative, Apple may decide to embrace PC users, and provide a version of its imessage that will run imessage for PC systems. The number of people interested in the feature will make it very hard for Apple to continue to ignore such a large niche market. Understanding the technology behind imessage is an important aspect to providing a product on PC systems that will meet the expectations and needs of PC users interested in imessage. Therefore, in the technology arena, Apple is the logical source to provide imessage technology for non-Apple systems because the company is the developer of the imessage feature and the core technology that powers the feature.

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